Rosetta Stone Spanish Review


Rosetta Stone® Language Overview

Rosetta Stone offers language learning software as a computer package for various languages. It doesn’t provide a translation service; however, all the educational resources are given in their targeted language.

Students slowly develop vocabulary and syntax via a set of pictures.  They achieve this by choosing a relevant photograph which follows a listening passage.  This instinctive practice is comparable to the way children grasp their native language –they listen and repeat.

Receptive Skills in Your Chosen Language (Reading & Listening)

Rosetta Stone’s language software contains an excellent section that allows you to practice reading and listening skills in the language of your choice – for example learning Spanish. These sections introduce four pictures alongside a passage that is spoken or written. You have to match the passage with the picture that signifies it. If you click on a photograph correctly, the subsequent screen follows with some more passages.

Specific topics are used to a great extent, therefore for the initial set of photographs you might be expected to identify objects or people, followed by possibly exploring colors or additional features of the objects that you have already worked on. This enables you to slowly broaden your vocabulary whilst giving you ample opportunity to repeat things so that you become familiar with the new vocabulary.


This is the first part of Rosetta Stone’s software as it is a standard point to begin when learning a new language. Every lesson contains four listening activities. The first activity has been explained already: four pictures plus a passage are presented, and you have to click on the right picture.

The next listening activity introduces one picture plus four passages, and this time you have to click on the right passage.

Activity three and four involve just listening –there are no pictures. In the third exercise you listen to a spoken passage and have to choose that text that matches it.  In the fourth activity, you’re given a written passage along with four sound files. You have to match the written passage with the right sound file.

Every activity in each lesson uses the same words; therefore Rosetta Stone gives you a lot of variations to rehearse the new vocabulary that you are learning.

Spanish Speaking Skills

Repeating is vital for successful language achievement, although real teachers generally do not get the opportunity to do this as much as they would like to. Rosetta Stone’s Software is able to fill this gap nevertheless– plus she does it exceptionally well – We haven’t seen anyone else do it better.

However, audio tapes do not have the capacity to provide feedback straightaway and give you individual attention like a real teacher can.  Plus, this is important when you’re learning to speak another language. 

Rosetta Stone’s language software tries to fill this space by offering a function that recognizes your voice.  After talking into a microphone, the sound a student makes is evaluated by the computer and corresponded with your goal.

A visual breakdown illustrates the wave structure of the uttered expressions, plus it highlights the comparative alterations in your pitch. A meter shows the distance between the student and their goal.

This characteristic is excellent because it enables you to fine tune how you pronounce things by making a comparison with the target expression and your personally recorded example. Moreover, a real teacher has far less patience than a piece of software. 

Writing In Spanish

Rosetta Stone’s Spanish lessons enable you to practice how to listen, speak, read and write.

Rosetta Stone lets you practice spellings in Spanish, which is great because it’s a valuable skill when you input words onto your computer. We have to say that the methodology used for inputting tones is a bit unusual.   Rosetta Stone’s software is unique in that it has an individual way of inputting things that do not match or agree with any others including Microsoft.

You have to type in the vowels that include tone symbols twice to signify a tone number as an   alternative to utilizing a number to specify the number of tones.  This isn’t always easy and might take you a bit of time in the beginning.  

Rosetta Stone’s Layout

Any of Rosetta Stone’s language packs can be obtained as CDs, or on a subscription basis.

If you decide to go for the CD option, then you have to have the following setup:

Rosetta Stone’s Layout

Any of Rosetta Stone’s language packs can be obtained as CDs, or on a subscription basis.

If you decide to go for the CD option, then you have to have the following setup:

  • You will need either Windows 2000, XP, Mac OS X 10.3 or higher
  • You will need 128 MB RAM
  • You will need 250 MB free hard-drive space
  • You will need 16-bit sound card
  • You will need a 800 x 600 display resolution
  • Your Speech Recognition character needs a headset microphone – either a USB or analog

All of the above mentioned are essential requirements – you will not be able to use Rosetta Stone’s language software without them.

You can get a subscription for 3, 6, or 12 months, which allows you to gain access to each lesson in level 1 and 2. If you want to save yourself some cash then go for the sessions that are based on the web; they are particularly good if you are a motivated learner and have the time to keep a regular and set timetable for studying. The other advantage is that you’re able to study the language you have chosen wherever you want, providing you can connect onto the internet of course.

Subscription requisites:

  • You will need at least 56K connection to your modem, or more.
  • You will need Internet Explorer 6sp1, Netscape 7.1, Firefox 1.5, Safari 1.3 and higher.
  • You must have Shockwave plug-in set-up to your browser

Final Verdict

Rosetta Stone’s language software offers you a fantastic way to teach yourself any language that you want to learn – there are over 25 to choose from.  The program provides you with a natural setting to study, plus the gradual and continuing classes let you grasp the necessary vocabulary and syntax at a regulated speed.

The one thing that Rosetta Stone is not able to assist you with is having a dialogue. You will have to arrange this with a teacher/instructor in a group or individual setting.  We highly recommend this because you will get the essential practice that you need to become a competent speaker in your new language.  Rosetta Stone’s is great by itself, although you’ll become more fluent if you mix it with classroom guidance.  We feel that it deserves an 8/10. Start learning Spanish today...