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Learn French Hello Hello App

You have the option to connect with your French speaking mates who will listen to all the recordings that you make and forward them back to you with any relevant corrections. Moreover, you can also get your own Hello-Hello French tutor to critically review the work that you submit, including your oral pronunciation, if you want.

Hello-Hello French Outline

Hello-Hello French is a fully fledged course that contains 30 conversation classes that are all centred around everyday situations. This course is divided into 3 levels and each level has 10 lessons in total. In the first level, you can complete some simple exercises in French. With enough time and clues that you recognise, you will able to: swap some greetings; tell somebody who you are; where you come from; where you are living; describe your friends and family; discuss your hobbies and interests as well as naming some items that you’re familiar with that are all from your immediate setting. You can write down a few of the words that you have learnt also.

In level 2, you will be able to communicate by using an increased range of vocabulary and expressions that you have memorised regarding your personal life. You will be able to ask and answer a few easy questions regarding your everyday routine, your favourite foods, music, the weather and much more. You can write down basic messages and request that things are repeated if you do not understand. The topics in this level include: describing your house/flat; coping with the weather; describing your everyday routine; talking about your holidays; celebrating with friends and family; talking about your favourite food and music; telling us about your pet animals and discuss shopping and fashion related issues.

In level 3, you will be able to manage various exercises that are simple and contain easy social gatherings. Your conversations will revolve around subjects matters that are predictable and are essential for surviving in France, like getting around to places; asking for directions; shopping at grocery stores; going to the bank, doctors; being at the airport, hotel bookings; arranging to meet somebody else and eating out. You’ll be able to reply to basic and direct queries or ask for information at this level. You will also be able to complete some basic writing exercises.


Hello-Hello French is an exciting way to begin to learn another language whilst you’re on the move. It has the following features:

Flexibility: complete your lessons anywhere or anytime you want.

Friendships: Make friends by connecting with people who are native speakers of French from your iPhone & iPad.

Feedback: get written or recorded feedback from a Hello-Hello tutor, or one of your French speaking friends.

Helping others: assist your mates to learn your own native language and offer them constructive feedback – recorded or written.;

Evidence Based Approach: Hello-Hello French uses an evidence-based methodology that has been fully endorsed by many good universities in America.

Communicative Skills: successfully teach yourself how to have a conversation in French right from the moment you start your very first lesson. You can practice your Reading and Writing Skills as well as your speaking.

Learning: More than 1,000 expressions and vocabulary that you can learn from 3 separate units.

Available in other languagess: Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian Spanish

Release Date: 21/10/2015

Available on: iOS, Android, Tablet, Mobile

App Store Rating: 3.6/5

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More about the Hello-Hello French app

This language app was one of the first to arrive on the Apple iPhone & iPad market right from the beginning, and its objective is to get you to learn another language by speaking, reading and listening with the actual software itself and with other people who are learning the same language as you from different parts of the world. The world of Hello-Hello uses a kind of “Mixed” approach by combining standard software, such as gap fill exercises and flash cards with interactions that are sourced by other language fanatics. Language learning fans from all over the globe upload recordings of their own voices when they practice their new foreign language. In addition, if you can speak that language then you have the option to give students any feedback. Of course, it works the other way round as well.

Learning Methodology

The learning methodology used in this app has been jointly developed by Hello-Hello and the Teaching Language Council in America, which has the biggest network of French teachers and admin staff at every level. Moreover, Hello-Hello French has adapted an approach to learning that is heavily reliant on its users to support other language learners. For instance, as English is our native tongue, we could assess recordings that are uploaded by someone who speaks another language and is attempting to study English themselves. We have heard a few recordings from people who are from China, Spain and Greece and given them some personal feedback regarding their written and spoken work – it was all constructive of course.

The major issue with this kind of approach is that if we record or write a detailed oral reply in English, the person who is learning might not be able to comprehend anything because their understanding of the English language might not be adequate enough just at this moment in time.

Similarly, we might be able to keep practicing our basic French by using Hello-Hello, however, if someone articulate and fluent offers us any detailed responses to the way we pronounce things, we won’t have any idea about what we are being told. The Cross-lingual style of feedback works only if the responses are "Excellent!" or "Keep trying!" nevertheless, they are not good when you wish to give more comprehensive guidance to someone who is a just starting out.

Hello-Hello French has made a really decent attempt to have one professional individual as a minimum giving out advice at all times when app users upload their audio files. We did notice a couple of users who had uploaded some of their content and got detailed feedback after 1/2 days, but it was from their online friend, not a professional tutor. We haven’t yet noticed any feedback from experts, however, this doesn’t mean that this service is unavailable. In addition to this, we also noticed that one user waited for feedback for more than 24 hours. We feel the speed at which you get a response from other learners can be quite hit and miss, it all depends on who is using the app at the same time as you. Sometimes you might get feedback straightaway and other times you might have to wait for a day or two. Regardless of this, Hello-Hello’s overall ideology is totally beneficial, and we have seen some very helpful feedback from other learners. Most of the feedback has varied from really comprehensive sentences to one or two word replies.


All the lessons are separated into 10 individual sections:

Here is the Situation – you just have to listen to the conversation and become familiar with how French sounds. You have the option to play the conversation again and again to figure out what is being said prior to moving to the next level.

Here is how to Write it – you will get to see the written edition of the French dialogue. If you want, you can play the conversation again by clicking the play button.

Getting the Meaning – You will see a written copy of the conversation plus its translation underneath so that you can comprehend what is being said. ;You can listen to the conversation by clicking the play button if you want to.

Now You Say it – You start to practice your speaking skills here, each sentence in the conversation will be repeated to you. You need to click the play button to listen to each sentence, one at a time. You ought to repeat all the sentences out loud to start practicing how you pronounce things. You have the option to repeat sentences as many times as you want. You can see how the sentences are written if you press the Show Text button.

Now You Write it – You can practice your writing skills in this section. You must press the play button, hear the sentence and then write the exact same sentence inside the box. Press the Check button to see if you’ve made any errors.

Building Your Vocabulary

You get to practice and enhance your vocabulary in this section. You have to click on all the words highlighted to view other options. You can listen to all the words in the drop down box. The meaning of every word will be inside the parenthesis.

Let’s Practice – You will start to learn what you hear in this section. You need to click on the correct answer for each sentence or question. You have to press Submit to check your replies after you have completed the exercise.


You can practice the sentences and words so that you can increase your vocabulary. You can even create your individual sets and see the sets that have been created by your mates. You just need to click on your chosen icon from the Homepage to gain access to the flashcards. If you want to flip a card to see what is on the other side, simply tap the actual flashcard or you can click the Flip icon.


You can take notes for any lesson that you want. Just click the Notes icon, write your notes and then click on save. If you want to access your notes, just click on the icon at the bottom of the screen.

We believe that Hello-Hello French has some excellent content, mainly so that you can practice your vocabulary and expressions, although the syllabus isn’t structured in such a manner that makes it straightforward to access. So, an essential prerequisite is to be fully aware of the specific direction that you wish to take and exactly where you are along your language learning journey at all times because the app will not do this for you. Otherwise, you will spend endless amounts of valuable learning hours trying to work out what to do next.

The mismatch of various learning elements in Hello-Hello French means that it is not possible to know the direction that you’re heading in or the progress that you’re making. You have the option to move around at any point, which is great for some, but not that good for those who are new to using apps. It is almost impossible to understand where you need to begin or go next once you finish a module. In addition, you are not given any kind of reminders informing you of when you’ve finished a class, or which lesson you have already started; however you still need to finish it.

Because of the absence of any decent structure, we do not believe that the Hello-Hello French app is of great value to anybody who is attempting to learn French as a complete beginner. For first-timers, far superior options would be Pimsleur or Rosetta Stone.

The spontaneous and-slap-down feature of Hello-Hello French, nonetheless, is great if you want to review a language that you know a bit already. You can shift around at a leisurely pace and select topics and subjects that appear to be interesting to you

The Good Points

  • The Hello-Hello French app comes as a Premium model, plus it’s also available in other 11 extra languages.
  • You can learn French at your own pace and follow your own structure.
  • You can improve your existing French vocabulary and expressions.
  • You can use this app whilst you are on the go.
  • You can get great feedback off native speakers and a professional teacher.

    The Bad Points:

  • The Hello-Hello French programme isn’t structured that well, which means that you have to decide what you intend to do next and spend a lot of time working things out for yourself rather than being guided.
  • The feedback you receive might be hit and miss and you might not understand it.
  • You have to download your audio file separately; it doesn’t get downloaded with the language programme. In fact, the way that this app has been designed means that you end up having to spend a lot of time searching for things and leaves you feeling as though you’re not sure what to do next.

Final Verdict:

This French app might not be the most perfect way to learn the core of this language, although it serves as a great way to both practice and learn new vocabulary as well as phrases whilst you’re on the move. It would have been a lot better if it was structured differently and included features like markers so that you could plan your studies a lot more and save yourself so much time trying to work out the parts of the lesson you have finished and which areas you still need to complete. It may sound like a minor thing, but such features are really important and make a big difference when you're trying to learn a language whilst you are on the go. We suggest that you trial the free lesson and see how you find it before you pay for any other lessons. We give the Hello-Hello French app an overall 6.5/10.

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Learn French Hello Hello is developed by Hello-Hello Education.