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BYKI French App

It is good software to use to learn French; however it does not use an all-inclusive learning methodology.  It does capitalise on teaching you how to identify a significant amount of content that is in spoken and written form.  Nonetheless, it is much weaker when it comes to assisting learners to build all the additional competences needed to become good at the French language, such as conversational practice, grammar, listening or anything about the French culture itself. 

Even though French BYKI might not be the greatest program for learning a language as a whole, it is incredibly flexible and convenient.  Furthermore, it does an excellent job of teaching you some very useful words/phrases in French that you need to learn before you can even begin to develop your conversational skills.  Therefore, if you’re trying to find a way to kick start or enhance your knowledge of the French vocabulary, this may be the right app for you.  It has many great features.


  • Learn more than 200 essential words and phrases
  • Listen to the language being Spoken by a native speaker and learn each nuance with BYKI’s slow sound technology.
  • View and Read French in its indigenous form.
  • Look up vocabulary on Twitter to learn how other people use it.
  • Check your progress whilst you work through all the lists
  • Download plenty of additional words/phrases that have been created by all other BYKI users
  • A language learning style that is based on words and phrases
  • Some interesting as well as addictive ways to retain French vocabulary
  • Make your own list that you use to study with, or else share it with another user
  • A user interface that looks brilliant
  • Available in various other languages

Other Languages

This app is also available in various other languages including:Armenian, Albanian, Arabic, Altai, Azerbaijani, Belorussian, Bengali, Bashkir, Bulgarian, Bosnian, Buriat, Chinese, Czech, Croatian, Dutch, Danish, Dari, Estonian, Finnish, Farsi, French, Greek, German, Georgian, Hebrew, Hindi, Icelandic, Indonesian, Italian, Irish, Korean, Japanese, Latvian, Lithuanian, Latin, Luxembourgish, Malay, Mongolian, Mirandese, Macedonian, Portuguese, Pashto, Polish, Russian, Romanian, Scottish, Slovak, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish, Swahili, Tajiki, Turkish, Thai, Tagalog, Urdu, Ukrainian, Uzbek, Zulu and Vietnamese.

The Methodology

French BYKI uses the “Declarative Learning Approach, “which centers on the notion that our brain processes a new language by utilising two kinds of memory: declarative/lexical and non-declarative. The lexical memory gets utilised to store basic facts, set language explanations and events.  The methodology that BYKI uses teaches you a bit of the French language – the kinds of words or expressions that do not need to be deconstructed and can be embedded into your memory.

 It doesn’t concentrate on good pronunciation or conversational skill as much as it focusses on developing your mental storeroom with important words and phrases. Even though this isn’t a comprehensive method, this type of approach is effective, and the phrases and vocabulary words that you’ll learn using this methodology are a critical element of being able to speak French competently in the future.  Basically, it is a step in the right direction.  Whilst it’s really vital to learn the French grammar and something about the French culture, it’s equally as essential to have your own mental dictionary of French words so that you can speak it effortlessly.

Vocabulary Content

All the content in the French BYKI app is vocabulary based and is arranged with flashcards. You will be taught more than 2,000 French words and 500 phrases with these flashcards and whilst you progress your way through all the vocabulary, you have the option to slow the speech down so that you can pick up the exact French pronunciation a lot better and carefully listen to each detail of how the word or phrase sounds when it is spoken.  Both the written and spoken words are complemented with a picture, which means that you’ve got a visual and auditory input together.

The BYKI French mobile app for iPad/iPhones is "smart" because it manages to keep an excellent record of all your progress, plus it is totally aware of all the words and expressions that you need to practice more and brings those back during your reviews a lot more often.  Moreover, all the words and phrases that you’ll be able to teach yourself with the BYKI French mobile app for iPhone & iPad are functional and you will be able to use them in daily life situations. This app will fulfil its purpose well if you utilise it as a method of building vocabulary and supplement it with additional tools so that you can get some practice some of the other essential skills like grammar and conversational skills. 

Release Date: 01/11/2011

Available on: iOS, Android, Tablet, Mobile

App Store Rating: 3.9/5

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The Learning Structure

The French BYKI app follows a really simple structure and it is easy to work out how to use it.  The great thing about it is that it can be customised and you can do things like add or erase words from your lists and so on.  Even if you decide not to customise anything and just utilise the information in the app the way it arrives, you’ll still learn plenty of valuable things.  So, even though this app is not a comprehensive language learning program, the vocabulary that you will learn by using it is essential if you want to become fluent in the French language. 


As stated earlier, BYKI utilises a flashcard methodology to teach vocabulary, plus it offers you three simple steps and has a quiz so that you can learn and reinforce the phrases and vocabulary words presented to you on all the cards. They have been separated into lists by classifications (don’t forget, they can all be customised by the user) and you will be guided through all the lists in a logical order. Each list has around 10 – 15 new words or phrases. 

Here are the three basic steps that you will follow to learn all the subject materials that are on the virtual flashcards:

Step One:  You will be presented all the French vocabulary cards and you will need to look through them all carefully.  You will see and hear the word or phrase in both French and English.  Some words have a speech bubble attached to the card as well, which we really like because it explains what context the word or phrase is used in slightly more detail.  For instance, the word “bonjour” means good morning and hello and it can be used during anytime of the day.   All the words/expressions are pronounced for you by a native speaker.

To move to the next card, you just have to drag your finger across the card from right to left.  When you see Congratulations on your screen, you must tap to continue to move to the following step.  You can change the list if you want to try a different list.  Or, you can stay on the same step if you feel that you need more practice.

Step Two: See the French vocabulary and provide the English counterpart.  You clearly need to know the phrase or word before you’ll be able to guess the answer or answer it correctly; therefore you’ll be given the chance to revise and repeat things until you become totally familiar with the word.

Step Three: in this step, you’ll be given the English vocabulary, and you have to provide the French.  You can also use this activity as an opportunity to work out how things are pronounced correctly. Note that this app does listen to how you pronounce things and attempts to provide you with a true score, but it actually isn’t that accurate.   The best way to get feedback on your pronunciation is to get feedback off a native speaker or by having some extra language lessons to improve your own accent.

Unfortunately you do not get these services with this particular course.

Quiz:  This is the final activity in the lesson and you will be given a French word or phrase that you have already learned to recognise.  Your job is to tap the correct answer from the four English options that you will be given.   

After completing the Quiz, your results will be revealed to you on the screen.  You will be given an overall score, told how many questions there were in the Quiz and how many questions you answered correctly.  Now you have the option to Retake the quiz, view all the answers or select another list.

Statistics:  Here you will be given a very useful summary of your performance on this course overall.  You will be informed the number of lists and cards that you have learned; the total number of sessions there are in this course, the date you did your last session, the time it’s been since your last session and how much time you have spent learning French so far in total.  We like this tool a lot because you can see how much progress you are making and estimate how much time you’ll spend on your next lesson; hence you can really plan your future lessons accordingly.

The Topics:  The following topics are included: Asking for Directions, At the Hotel, At the Restaurant, Beverages, Common Foods, Common Verbs, and Meeting & Greeting, Taking a Taxi, Travel and Weather.

The Good Points

  • BYKI French app offers you an interactive way of practicing your vocabulary.
  • BYKI French uses a flashcard methodology which means that it’s a lot easier for you to remember all the words and phrased that you are learning.
  • This app has an excellent in-built progress tracker that keeps you focussed and motivated.
  • It is a very cost-effective way of learning basic French vocabulary - only $7.99
  • There are some great sound files.
  • All the lessons are very well organised and follow a logical structure.
  • The quizzes are great for assessing your progress and finding out the words and phrases that you need to practice more.
  • It is very simple to use.
  • The Bad Points
  • You have to mark your own test; it’s not done for you.
  • You don’t get much input from the native speaker regarding your pronunciation. 
  • This app has no direct social networking element.
  • You will not get the chance to practice your conversational and listening skills or learn any grammar.
  • Byki's pronunciation teacher is helpful, although it’s only a dull instrument.

Final Verdict

French BYKI is a great app if you want to learn some words and phrases before your next trip to Paris or anywhere else in France. It is very easy to utilise and it uses a methodology that is based on flashcards so that it is easier for you to remember all the words/phrases that you have seen shown, plus the progress tracker is excellent for keeping you motivated. It only costs just $7.99, which is a very reasonable price for a decent product; however, you must weigh up all your options fully before you actually buy it. 

The only criticism we have is that it’s doesn’t allow you to grasp the French language in any great detail. This means if you wish to comprehend grammar for instance, you’ll need to try something else. Nevertheless, it’s a great option if you want to learn new words and phrases quickly and makes a wonderful addition to a comprehensive French course. We were very impressed with the easy and tidy user interface and give it an overall 8/10

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BYKI French is developed by Transparent Language Inc. Education.